Nutraceutical & Oleochemical Process Solutions

Our experience in nutraceuticals & oleochemicals will be invaluable to your engineering process.

Artisan provides the Nutraceutical & Oleochemical industries with engineered process solutions, from purifying lubricants to recovering solvent from bioplastics. We have solved simple to difficult process separation problems employing a wide range of process technologies including thin-film evaporation, distillation, and drying proprietary stripping process solutions.

Artisan’s experience in concentrating, desolventizing, drying, recovering and deodorizing oleochemical products will give you the process advantage you have been searching for.

Nutraceutical & Oleochemical Applications:

  • Steam strip hexane from vegetable oil containing Lecithin from 80% to 2 PPM without product degradation.
  • Remove Methyl Ester from crude Coconut oil from 50% to less than 1%.
  • Dehydrate crude Vanillin from 20% to less than 50 PPM.
  • Remove hexane from Marigold oleoresin from 10% to 25 PPM
  • Strip cholesterol to less than 100 PPM from butter fat and lard.
  • Deodorize cocoa butter by steam stripping the low molecular weight free fatty acids to non-detectable levels. Deodorization is accomplished at 10 torr, and relatively low temperatures (below 150°C) to prevent intra-esterification, while utilizing an economically favorable 3% stripping steam rate.
  • Strip Cholesterol From Butter Fat And Lard
  • Remove Solvents From Oleoresins
  • Dehydrate Crude Vanillin
  • Remove Methyl Ester From Crude Coconut Oil
  • Steam Strip Hexane From Vegetable Oil Containing Lecithin

Our engineers work closely with your team to engineer a solution that suits your specific application.

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