Food & Beverage Process Solutions

Artisan’s innovative process solutions have helped leading food companies amplify or create products that add value to their process results.

Artisan’s engineering experience working with food, beverages, flavors, additives, nutraceuticals and edible oil applications, have allowed us to provide solutions to clients who have separation difficulties that haven’t been able to be resolved before. We take products from development, through full production, while also improving client’s productivity and profitability.

Our process applications experience includes:

Concentrating coffee, tea, and other solid-containing liquids that are challenging to process due to heat and shear sensitivity, foaming, and fouling characteristics of materials.

Process Solution Applications:

  • Concentrating coffee to greater than 80% solids, in a single step, achieving a consistent high quality concentrate.
  • Concentrating caffeine from a wet solvent rich solution to a dry powder, with less than 100 PPM residual solvent in a single step.
  • Concentrating tea from a dilute solution to greater than 50% solids in a single pass, without product degradation.

  • Desolventize edible oils to ppm levels
  • Desolventize and strip organic solvents from concentrated oils to low PPM residual level (50 PPM or less)

Drying a heat sensitive protein containing fiber and starch by evaporating water from a 2% aqueous solution to a free flowing powder with a moisture content of less than 5%. This application eliminated a lyophilizing step.

  • Concentrating and drying an aqueous soy isoflavones stream from 2% solids to a free flowing powder containing less than 1% moisture.
  • Concentrating and drying aqueous niacinamide from 50% moisture to a dry free-flowing powder with no product degradation

Artisan’s process solutions are capable of recovering valuable flavors and aromas directly from a slurry. Our Solutions are not only cost effective than other leading technologies to install and to operate, but they offer additional features and benefits.

Process Solution Applications:

  • Steam strip hexane from vegetable oil containing Lecithin from 80% to 2 PPM without product degradation.
  • Remove Methyl Ester from crude Coconut oil from 50% to less than 1%.
  • Dehydrate crude Vanillin from 20% to less than 50 PPM.
  • Remove hexane from Marigold oleoresin from 10% to 25 PPM
  • Strip cholesterol to less than 100 PPM from butter fat and lard.
  • Deodorize cocoa butter by steam stripping the low molecular weight free fatty acids to non-detectable levels. Deodorization is accomplished at 10 torr, and relatively low temperatures (below 150°C) to prevent intra-esterification, while utilizing an economically favorable 3% stripping steam rate.
  • Strip Cholesterol From Butter Fat And Lard
  • Remove Solvents From Oleoresins
  • Dehydrate Crude Vanillin
  • Remove Methyl Ester From Crude Coconut Oil
  • Steam Strip Hexane From Vegetable Oil Containing Lecithin

  • Strip the undesirable contaminants to non-detectable levels with no loss of valuable aroma/flavor compounds. Artisan’s process solution offers extremely short residence time and rapid surface renewal.

Artisan’s thin-film, short residence time process solution technology is ideally suited for heat-sensitive and viscous food or beverage products that foul, foam or contain solids. Our thin-film technology will not degrade or denature proteins and can process materials with viscosities up to 1 million centipoise.

Our engineers work closely with your team to engineer a solution that suits your specific application.

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