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Artisan Advances Its Technology Solutions for Edible Oils

November 1, 2018
Artisan’s Latest Advancements in Efficient Removal of Environmental Contaminants from Edible Oils: Comparison between Multi-Stage Thin-Film Evaporation with Gas Stripping and Short Path Distillation.

Artisan Industries Inc. & Jet-Vac® Technologies Establishes Affiliation with AOCS as Gold Members

October 5, 2018
Artisan Industries Inc. & JET-VAC® Technologies has established Gold Corporate Membership with AOCS (The American Oil Chemists’ Society), who advances the science and technology of oils, fats, proteins, surfactants, and related materials, enriching the lives of people everywhere. Artisan Industries Inc. will also be attending 2019 AOCS Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri May 5-8 2019.

Artisan Recieves Korean Pressure Vessel Import License

August 14, 2018
Last week Artisan had a successful Korean audit for a Korean Import License. Artisan has successfully received a Pressure Vessel Korean Import License which is valid for 3 years.