Glycerin Purification

Glycerin Purification

To meet the quality standard, Artisan has developed a cost-effective approach to purify glycerin, from crude to fuel grade, tech grade, or USP grade.

To ensure quality, Artisan has engineered a technology system for glycerin purification, depending on the quality of the feedstock that is used in the process. Artisan’s glycerin purification technology offers significant advantages over other glycerin purification systems and it also gives you the option to refine your crude glycerin to increase your revenue stream.

Artisan’s Glycerin Purification Technology Advantages:

  • Cost Effective – Lowers annual operating costs (Green solution)
    • No use of steam sparge or high pressure steam used in jets to produce vacuum, which significantly reduces the annual energy consumption
    • No chemical treatment required which minimizes waste disposal and permitting requirements, over and above the rising cost of these chemicals
  • Rapid ROI
  • Requires less equipment with 10:1 turndown capability
  • Can process wide variety of glycerin crudes (up to 40 – 50% solids/soaps) to produce higher yields in a single–pass for certain feedstocks compared to other technologies with less downtime for cleaning

Crude glycerin (pictured left) was purified using Artisan’s Technology, from the waste (Pictured center), to the water-white glycerin (Pictured right).  

Glycerin Purification

Artisan’s Glycerin Purification Systems

  • Single- Stage System to produce 99.5% high pure glycerin without light ends in the crude.
  • Two-Stage System to produce 99.5%+ high pure glycerin with light ends in the crude.
  • A rectification column may be needed if fame, FFA’s and/or glycerides content in the crude feed is more than typical values.

Our engineers work closely with your team to engineer a solution that suits your specific application.

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