Edible Oils Process Solutions

High-efficiency continuous solvent recovery systems.

Our process engineering team is continuously working on researching and discovering solutions for the most challenging separations across all industries.

Development is focused on creating continuous systems, for processing downstream of extraction, such as winterization and decarboxylation. We strive to optimize the distillation and purification stages, of the final product, without the need for the costly operational costs.

Artisan’s solvent recovery technology helps customers save money, through recycling waste and efficient heat transfer. Our solution utilizes thin-film evaporation, to continuously recover solvent, from your extracted oil (3X more efficiently than standard evaporators), and handles thick, viscous concentrated oil, without plugging or burning.

To ensure the highest quality of your product, the temperatures are kept low, through use of vacuum, and the residence time of the material is only seconds. Due to the horizontal design, the throughput of the equipment can operate at a turndown ratio of up to 10:1. Our equipment is also sized for future expansion and is available with throughput capacities, from as low as 5 L/hr. up to 2000 L/hr., in a single unit. Systems come fully automated and are easy to install and operate.

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Our engineers work closely with your team to engineer a solution that suits your specific application.

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