Chemical Process Solutions

Maximize your chemical process with Artisan’s process technologies.

Artisan’s thin-film technology is ideally suited to continuously concentrate heat-sensitive and viscous materials or for products that foul, foam, and/or contain solids.

Our Technology:

  • Eliminates the need for costly, high maintenance filters, centrifuges and spray dryers
  • Minimizes degradation and discoloration, due to short residence time
  • Ability to process materials with viscosities up to 1 million centipoise

Some of our extensive experience includes, concentrating high value liquids or slurries, stripping heat sensitive products to low PPM levels of volatiles, and drying high value liquid products.

Artisan has experiences several Fortune 500 chemical companies and smaller/mid-size manufacturers’ separation complications and has been able to solve these complications using our technologies. Our engineers can help you improve an existing process or design a process for a new product.

Chemical Applications:

  • Chilled Steam from Water
  • Distillation of MEG
  • Devolatizing Solution Polymers
  • Drying Explosives or Highly Flammable Organics
  • Product Concentration Solutions
  • Distillation of Solids-Containing and Fouling Materials
  • Recover Costly Solvents
  • Drying High-Value Liquid Products
  • Stripping Heat Sensitive Products to Low PPM Levels of Volatiles
  • Concentrating High Value Liquids or Slurries
  • Glycerin Purification
  • Biodiesel Purification

Our engineers work closely with your team to engineer a solution that suits your specific application.

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